ByNancy Fullilove

Art Exhibit at Woodland Terrace in Milledgeville

Sunday afternoon, 4/29, we had an art exhibit and had so much fun.  You know, we have an art group here that meets once a month to paint in acrylics.  Some of the group had never held a brush before, while others used to paint when they were younger.  So, we decided as a group that everyone’s talents needed to be brought out of the closet, whether old or new, and exulted!  So, four residents came Saturday afternoon and decided how everything should be displayed (by category, not artist), and helped design the hangings and table displays.  We created name tags for each item stating artist, title of item, medium, and year it was created, just like a REAL exhibit!  Everyone worked for hours and we got it done. 

Sunday morning I got the room we use for our buffets decorated and finger food put together with champagne, coffee, beer, and soft drinks and by 3:00 folks started arriving. 

We created voting ballots and handed out pens as they walked in the door and everyone appeared to carefully look, contemplate and discuss with each other the merits of various pieces of work, marking their ballots appropriately. 

At 5:00 we began tallying the votes and awarded the following ribbons:


     1st Place –  Ginger Starkey

      2nd Place – Bobbie Jean Duke


      1st Place – Bobbie Jean Duke

      2nd Place – Martha Warren


      1st Place – Priscilla Randall

      2nd Place – Marlene Peavy


      1st Place – JoAnne Greenway

       2nd Place – Cheryl Coffman​

ByNancy Fullilove

AARP Safe Driving Course offered at The Cottages

Each year we host the AARP Safe Driving course at least once. In fact, locals often call us during the year to see when it will be offered next! Gary Dunagan comes from Macon and teaches the class over a two day period, from 9 a.m. until noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This year we have twenty-nine folks signed up! It’s a little close, so if they weren’t friends when they came to the class, they might be by the time they leave! But, it’s a nice little something for us to do to contribute to the larger Milledgeville/Baldwin County community.


ByNancy Fullilove

Kindness Rocks

In the beautiful weather we’ve been having, we wanted to encourage our residents to get out and walk.  “Kindness Rocks” are river rocks that are painted pretty colors and have kind sayings on them, such as, “Be cheerful and pass it on!” or “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” So, I paint the rocks on the weekends and have been putting out four a day when I walk my dog…at about 5:30 a.m.  Then, the folks get out (after the sun comes up!) and look for them and bring them to the office and get an envelope.  (I mix up the numbers and dollar amount.  For example the number five might have $2.00 one day and the next they may find a $5 in the envelope marked number 5….just to keep them off balance.)

Residents at Milledgeville Active Living Community

The residents seem to be enjoying the game so much.  This is our final week, and on Monday I will hide only two rocks that will have bigger prizes for the grand finale!  


Active Living Community in Milledgeville - Kindness Rocks

ByNancy Fullilove

Bible Study Group

We currently have a group that meets every Wednesday morning at 10:30 for Bible study and worship. They are led by Pastor Evelyn Harris (seen left of center of photo with yellow blouse). In a few months, we will begin hosting the congregation of Hardwick Primitive Baptist church every Sunday morning for Bible study and worship services led by Pastor Craig DeLoach. They are in search of a new church home, so we are happy to help out until that location is found.

ByNancy Fullilove

Covered Dish April First Friday

The first Friday of every month we have a covered dish.  We prepare the main item, which ranges from homemade chicken-pot-pie to slow-cooked pulled pork, and the residents bring other items: veggies, salads, desserts, and sometimes bread.  Oddly enough, this is our activity that has the most attendees!  We have some great cooks in this community, and apparently everyone knows it!  We have three huge tables that line three walls of one room and two of them are full of food (the other is full of a choice of beverages).  The blessing is at noon and it is seldom missed!