Bible Study Group

We currently have a group that meets every Wednesday morning at 10:30 for Bible study and worship. They are led by Pastor Evelyn Harris (seen left of center of photo with yellow blouse). In a few months, we will begin hosting the congregation of Hardwick Primitive Baptist church every Sunday morning for Bible study and worship services led by Pastor Craig DeLoach. They are in search of a new church home, so we are happy to help out until that location is found.

Covered Dish April First Friday

The first Friday of every month we have a covered dish.  We prepare the main item, which ranges from homemade chicken-pot-pie to slow-cooked pulled pork, and the residents bring other items: veggies, salads, desserts, and sometimes bread.  Oddly enough, this is our activity that has the most attendees!  We have some great cooks in this community, and apparently everyone knows it!  We have three huge tables that line three walls of one room and two of them are full of food (the other is full of a choice of beverages).  The blessing is at noon and it is seldom missed!