Retirement Community

Firemen Visit

We “Back our Blue”!!  We love our first responders and it was such an honor to meet these heroes in person. Thanks gentlemen!

Our Milledgeville fire department came today to see our new assisted living Main Cottage and learn where all their essential “hook ups” are for taking care of us in case of an emergency.  They were in the attic, in the “riser room” (which is literally the heart of the fire sprinkler system) and around the exterior of the building as well.  

When they finished their work, they came in and had some of Natacha Ansley’s fabulous food!  They will be back next week to lead us in our first fire drill with our residents!!

Cookies on the porch??

Uh, what on earth are cookies doing on the front porch? Don’t you know? It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! What were you expecting? Oreos??!! Everyone in the neighborhood was treated to a bag of fresh, homemade cookies delivered right to their front door! We just love all our residents and wanted them to know we miss seeing them. Hmmmm…what on earth will we do to top this? How about a community picnic with a twist? Keep your eye on this spot for further explanation and pictures.

Still able to meet (carefully)

Our residents in the Main Cottage were able to meet while enjoying a piece of Boston Creme Pie as they had their first “Resident’s Meeting” in our lovely solarium.

still able to meet during covid-19

First Raised Planter Planted

Ms. Vivian enjoyed spending her early morning planting some beautiful flowers and we appreciate it!

Mother’s Day at New Assisted Living Residence at Main Cottage

Mother’s Day at our new assisted living residence at the Main Cottage! Beautiful yellow tulips for all!

assisted living residence mothers day