Cookies on the porch??

Cookies on the porch??

Uh, what on earth are cookies doing on the front porch? Don’t you know? It’s National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! What were you expecting? Oreos??!! Everyone in the neighborhood was treated to a bag of fresh, homemade cookies delivered right to their front door! We just love all our residents and wanted them to know we miss seeing them. Hmmmm…what on earth will we do to top this? How about a community picnic with a twist? Keep your eye on this spot for further explanation and pictures.

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Nancy Fullilove is the community manager at The Cottages at Woodland Terrace, a retirement community in Milledgeville. She has spent most of her adult life traveling in Central and South America, Saudi Arabia, and several countries in Europe. Growing up as a military dependent, she learned to love traveling and meeting new people.